• Bunner & Relative Parts

    A burner is a device that converts a substance into heat by burning the chemical reaction. The air and fuel are then blended together in appropriate proportions to make it burn fully.

    The burner is a heat device that puts fuel and air into the furnace according to the required concentration, speed, turbulence and mixture, and allows the fuel to stabilize fire and combustion in the furnace.

    Fuel is dominated by fuel and gas.

    In power science and energy, wind turbines are wind turbine components that convert wind energy into mechanical energy.

    It consists of leaves and hubs.

    In Chinese medicine, the wind wheel is the part of the cornea.

    There are many kinds of wind turbines, but they can be divided into two types: horizontal axis wind wheel, and the rotation axis of wind wheel is parallel to the wind direction.

    The vertical axis wind wheel, the rotation axis of the wind wheel is perpendicular to the ground or the air direction.

    There are several types of vertical shaft wind wheel with rotating resistance, including wind wheel made from flat bed and quilt, which is a pure resistance device.

    S type wind wheel, with partial lift, but mainly resistance device, is now the main competitor of horizontal shaft wind wheel.

    Electric machinery is a kind of electromagnetic device which can convert or transmit power according to the law of electromagnetic induction.

    Motor is in the circuit with the letter M (old standards with D) said that its main role is the driving torque, as with all electrical or mechanical power, generator in circuit by the letter G said, its main function is to use electrical energy into mechanical energy.

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