• Production Assembly Line

    Assembly line is also known as assembly line, an industrial means of production, which means that each production unit focuses on the work of only one segment to improve work efficiency and production.

    According to the pipeline transportation mode can be divided into: belt assembly line, plate chain, double speed chain, plug-in line, network belt line, and suspension line and roller assembly line.

    It includes traction parts, bearing components, driving devices, tightening device, redirection device and supporting parts.

    Assembly line high scalability, throughput is designed according to the requirements, delivery speed, assembly station, accessories (including quick connectors, fan, lighting, socket, 24 v power, wind lot, etc., so popular with the enterprise;

    Pipelining is an effective combination of man and machine, the most fully embody the flexibility of the device, it will transfer system, pallet and online plane, organic combination of testing equipment, in order to meet the variety of products delivery requirements.

    Transmission line transmission mode has synchronous transmission/(strong mode), or non-synchronous transmission/(flexible), according to the selection of configuration, the assembly and delivery requirements can be realized.

    Transmission line is indispensable in mass production of enterprises.

    A chain assembly line

    Features: heavy load, synchronous operation of the production line, can realize the slope of the product;

    The production is not very fast;

    With the chain sheet as the bearing, the product can be delivered smoothly.

    Roller assembly line

    Features: the types of products are wide and limited;

    With the use of the blocking device, it can realize the function of product continuous, beat operation and product release.

    It can realize the offline repair or detection of the product without affecting the operation of the whole assembly line.

    Belt line

    Features: light weight bearing, little shape restriction;

    And the production line synchronous operation, can realize the product's uphill turn;

    As a carrier and conveyor belt, the product can be delivered smoothly and with little noise.

    Light materials or products can be delivered over long distances.

    Differential delivery line

    Features: differential transmission line using traction, multiple-speed tooling plate is free to transfer, the block machine positioning to make freedom of movement or stop work, the workpiece in both ends can be automatically jack-up, transverse transition.

    You can also install rotation (90 degrees, 180 degrees...), special machine, test equipment, manipulator, etc.

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