• Thermoforming Furnace

    The automobile pipe forming furnace is mainly composed of upper material section, preheating section, constant temperature section, right Angle turning machine, cooling section (optional water cooling or wind cooling), etc.

    It is suitable for the forming of corrugated pipe, nylon tube and rubber tube etc. Forming the heating temperature of 150 ~ 170 ℃, wind cooling temperature 0 ~ 5 ℃, cooling water temperature 3 ~ 10 ℃;Heating and cooling temperature uniformity should be controlled within + / - 3 ℃;5~8min molding time; The PLC control system can be used to modify and set each technological parameter. Heating method can be used for heating, gas, fuel heating and heat conduction. The size and relative parameters of the molding furnace are not customized according to the specifications of the customer's pipe size

    (1) Extrusion molding process

    The extruder extruded by single screw or double screw extruder can extrude any product that needs length continuously.

    The process and can be divided into single and double extrusion machine compound extrusion, composite extrusion products the appearance of a total of extrusion is the purpose of a layer of pure plastic surface, as can be used on special occasions of plastic wood products (such as in the bathroom, swimming pool, use prevent slippery effect)

    (2) Hot pressing molding process

    The process can form a certain specification of the non-continuous plastic wood products, the processing technology is similar to the forming process of the density plate.

    (3) Extrusion molding process

    That is, extruder and calendar are used to extrude and suppress the process.

    The product of the process is mainly plate, the length of the plate is longer than the length of the plate of hot pressing, and the comprehensive performance of the plate products is better than that of the extrusion process

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