• Tunnel Oven

    Tunnel furnace is the tunnel type mechanical equipment which is baked and dried by heat conduction, convection and radiation.The device is generally long, 6 meters long and 60~80 meters long.The oven is a long, narrow tunnel with a continuous transmission system.When the machine is running, the product generates a relative motion between the conveyor chain, the steel belt or the mesh belt and the electric heating element or the direct combustion rod.This completes the work of evenly baking and conveying.This kind of oven can be continuous production, high production efficiency, saving manpower, baking quality stability.

    Generally according to heat source, there are electric tunnel furnace, gas tunnel furnace or gas tunnel furnace.The manufacturer can customize the length and width according to the production quantity of the tunnel furnace user.

    SpecificationGas typePower type

    The bore:1400mm Total length:19000mmThe bore:1400mm Total length:19000mm

    The heating method can be choose, gas, fuel heating, biomass and thermal heating.

    The size and relative parameters of tunnel furnace are not customized according to customer's requirements

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