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    Detailed Introduction

    Application for electric industry (silica gel, semiconductor, LCM, LCD, LED, MLCC, TFT, precision ceramics, quartz oscillator),PCB, PE, electrolytic capacitor, rubber and Plastic keyboard, computer and so on.

    Also use for heating, drying, Preheat the tempering for electrical machine, communication, hardware, chemical engineering, sports equipment, printing, pharmacy, footwear industry, auto parts.

    The size and parameters for the oven can be customized according to customers’ need

    Boundary Dimension:  W2050*D1050*H1850 (can be customized)

    Liner Dimension:   W1650*D850*H1300 (can be customized)

    Temperature Range: indoor temperature to250 degree(adjustable)

    power supply: AC 380V  3Φ  50HZ

    Power: 21KW ( can be customized)

    Product Features:

    1.The outer box is used SPCC (Steel Plate Cold rolled Commercial) with the thickness of 2.0mm,and the surface is processing with electrostatic spraying.      

    2.The liner is used stainless steel with 1.5mm thickness.   

    3.The Heat preservation cotton is used rock wool with high density.   

    4.The heating element heater is made of stainless steel heating tube with U shape fins

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