• Auto Nylon Tube Thermoforming Furnace(Air-Cooled Type)

    • Product Name:Auto Nylon Tube Thermoforming Furnace(Air-Cooled Type)
    • Update Time:2018-01-25 13:13:54
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    Detailed Introduction

    Auto tube thermoforming furnace is consist of putting material area, preheat area, constant temperature area, cooling area(can use water-cool or air-cool),get material area. It can apply to  forming auto corrugated pipe, nylon tube, plastic tube and so on. Thermoforming heating temperature 150-170℃,air-cooled temperature 0-5℃,water-cooled temperature 3-10℃.The temperature uniformity of heating and cooling should be controlled within ±3℃,thermoforming time 5~8min. using PLC controlling system, which can help easy control the technological parameters. The heating way for this equipment can be use electrical heating, gas, oil and heat transfer oils heating. The size of the equipment and other technological parameters can be customized according to customers’ need.


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