• Service

    After-sales service:

    If the equipment have some abnormal, we will make a solution within 24 hours after receiving the contact letter from customer. Our customers not have to worry about the problems can’t treated in time. Equipment to the place which customer request, we also arrange the professionals guide installation, training and operation instruction. Standing in the customer's position to think, to survive by quality, to provide perfect after-sales service, to create extraordinary value. At the same time, the product promises to guarantee a year, lifelong maintenance and other after-sales work.

    Technical Service:

    We are manufacturer that combine with independent R&D, design, manufacture and sales. We have advanced production facilities, strong production capacity, professional technical personnel (middle and senior technicians account for 30% of our staff). 

    The electric parts of our equipment are imported configurations, installed and tested by professional technical personnel. We can also customize all kinds of non-standard equipment according to customer’s need. Based on the mutual cooperation and trust, familiar with customers’ production technology process and quality process, we can design and make out high-efficiency equipment to satisfy our customers.

    Under the principles of opening, innovation, credit and customer orientation, we will offer our customers with better goods. Our company has series of elaborate quality control system and perfect pre-sales, in sales and after sales service.

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